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VP 30 Groepsinterview Tati Krysnawati

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posted on 2020-09-25, 07:34 authored by Nicole L. Immler, Tati Krisnawati, Suzanne Liem, Aji Yahuti Ramyakim, Paul ter Weel

Notes and light edited transcript of a conversation that Nicole Immler had with the owners of a biological rice farm in the village of Pasiwari, very close to Rawagede. Tati Krisnawati (Indonesian social worker, works for a NGO) en Paul ter Weel (Dutch agronomist who runs the

biological rice farm).Tati’s family comes from the village they live in, neighbouring Rawagede. Also present were photographer Suzanne Liem and Interpreter Aji Yahuti Ramyakim.


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